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On-Air & Studio Graphics Design

15 years of experience making TV look great

We deliver full scale branding projects for TV channels and programs, news graphics, studio design, sports graphics, identities and weather graphics. Our broadcast designers is highly specialised and experienced working with broadcasters worldwide to make their content stand out with excellent design. 

Every day our designs are seen by millions. We help our customers stand out with their broadcast offering, all the way from idea to a launched production.

Aleksander Berg, Producer / AD, Sixty


TV 2's Sochi 2014 broadcast

Read about how we created the brand, onair graphics and studio for the winter games broadcast.

Creating graphics for TV is an exciting part of our business. A strong brand is always the common goal, no matter which way the graphics are delivered

Asle Birkeland, Design Manager, Sixty


At Sixty we believe in perfection, from the small pixels to the big concepts, we keep working until we get it right. Working with TV channels all over the world, I think that is the part that our clients love the most.

Edvin Torgersen, Creative Director, Sixty


Why don't you request a workshop with us?

Bring your ideas and your project scope with you for a half a day workshop with us, so that we can understand your needs and aspirations. We would be happy to help you reach your goals.