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Designing TV2 Sumo
OTT Service

TV 2 Sumo's OTT services gives subscribers access all of TV 2's channels. You can enjoy a first row seat at all Premier League soccer games and a full range of TV 2's entertainment shows and series a day, even before they are aired on ordinary TV. Sixty is proud to say that we have been designing the user experience for TV 2 Sumo ever since it was launched.  

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Vimond Media Solutions

More than 100.000 Norwegian Subscribers

The award-winning TV 2 Sumo was first deployed in 2002. Originally created as an online catalogue of TV 2’s video archive, Sumo has since grown to lead the TV Everywhere race in Norway. It now boasts more than 100,000 Norwegian subscribers, with an extensive service delivering VOD and live content including TV series, films, news and sports. The project was developed by TV2 and Vimond Media Solutions.