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TV 2 Easter Eggs

Promax Gold and Silver winner in 2005 in New York, these eggs are probably Sixty's most successful creation. These holiday promotional idents have been aired for 10 years, and during the years we have restored them to HD and created additional characters. 

TV 2
2005 to 2015

New Idents from 2008

spider paaske

The challenge

The challenge was to tell a short story with a twist, only using paint, sound, and one prop. The tradition of painting eggs was the starting point of the conceptual phase, and out of more than 150 ideas, we ended up with these idents.

Promotional "coming up" from 2009

The response to this campaign was overwhelming,  and everyone seems to have a favourite egg. 

Edvin Torgersen, Creative Director, Sixty


Original idents from 2005


For more than fifteen years I’ve been working with some of the greatest brands in the TV industry in Norway. My team delivers everything from intros to on-air graphics and studio designs. In Sixty we truly believe in personal service and we want to help you every step of the way.

Please do contact me with any questions, or if you would like to request an offer.   

Aleksander Berg, Producer, Sixty