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Branding sports with wild animals

In close co-operation with our client, we developed a different sports channel brand out of a real-life black panther together with black-and-white 3D graphics. As we didn't want to go for the simple stock-shot solution, we hired both the panther and a filmcrew to get it exactly how we wanted on the green screen.

premium storyboard2

Concept development

First we developed a set of moods, related to sports, we wanted the panther to express through its action in front of the camera. These were drawn out as storyboards, while we simultaneously developed a graphic environment to serve as a visual counterpart to the animal.

The storyboard ideas were taken further into 3D previsualizations, that helped both us and the animal trainers plan the film shoot even better. By giving the whole crew the same idea of what we were trying to achieve, we could find the best camera and light rig for the job.


These idents show how we used the footage from the shoot, and how we combined the panthers captured intensity with our 3D graphics, to create premium sports brand idents.

promo stills

We created variations of this design, both with or without the panther, for use in both printed material and in on-air design, promotional films, backgrounds etc. All designed and produced by Sixty.

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For more than fifteen years I’ve been working with some of the greatest brands in the TV industry in Norway. My team delivers everything from intros to on-air graphics and studio designs. In Sixty we truly believe in personal service and we want to help you every step of the way.

Please do contact me with any questions, or if you would like to request an offer.   

Aleksander Berg, Producer, Sixty