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New sports identity for
TV 2's Sochi 2014 broadcast

When TV 2 purchased the Norwegian rights to air the events in Sochi 2014, Sixty was asked to rebrand TV 2's sports broadcast graphics. In addition to the rebrand, we created a Sochi theme for TV 2's broadcast. Sixty delivered on-air graphics, bumpers and studio design.

TV 2 Sports dept.

Viz Engine rendered bumpers

A part of the project was to deliver a package with 10 bumpers for different disciplines. All bumpers are pre-rendered clips composited with text and rendered from Vizrt’s real-time graphics system, enabling TV 2's producers to do live updates on a bumper for a specific competition.

Unfortunately we are not licensed from IOC to mention the name of this sports event, or show their well known five ring logo. All images and live footage shown here is retrieved from official broadcast by TV 2 Norway, and we have censored the logo in both video and stills images.

For more than fifteen years I’ve been working with some of the greatest brands in the TV industry in Norway. My team delivers everything from intros to on-air graphics and studio designs. In Sixty we truly believe in personal service and we want to help you every step of the way.

Please do contact me with any questions, or if you would like to request an offer.   

Aleksander Berg, VP Interactive Broadcast Technology