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Second generation on-demand streaming

Filmnet is a collaboration between C More and TV4 and is seen as the Scandinavian competition to Netflix. The technology that is used is Norwegian and delivered by Vimond who chose Sixty as a partner for the integration with Filmnet's backend. 

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2012 - ongoing
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One of a kind search engine

Filmnet have chosen Jinni, one of the most advanced search engines in the world with focus on movies and TV series. 

This enables Filmnet's users to search for movies based on a mood, plot, genre, or place, to mention some. The desired search terms will add itself to the search bar. The keywords can be combined with any search term and gives the user the freedom to search for "Comedy from USA for girls night out" or "Emotional Comedy from Africa". When the user is playing around with the search options, they constantly get feedback on how many results they received for what they were looking for. 

Jinni makes Filmnet a stronger challenger in the streaming industry and still a strong competition to both Netflix and HBO.

Take a look at the brand new Filmnet.

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Norwegian technology

The technology behind Filmnet is delivered by Vimond Media Solutions. Vimond is a veteran in the industry when it comes to online video solutions. Their platform has been used for years and is a delight to work with for us web developers. Vimond invited Sixty in to the project to develop and connect Filmnet's Rails front-end into Vimond's product suite.

With the help of Sixty we were able to develop Filmnet within a very short timeframe. We are really happy with the result. It wouldn't be possible without their ability to deliver and their focus on user experience.

Matti Zemack, CTO at Filmnet