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An advanced studio backdrop

Viasat needed a flexible soultion for their new studio backdrop. Sixty created a Viz Engine driven dynamic setup, where the TV producers could drop anything into the screen and use it interactively in the show.

Viasat Norge

The Big Screen

Our talented studio design partner Anders Tomren had set up this 20 x 2 meters big LED screen in a 90 degrees angle, and created the circular  set and table for Viasat's new studio in Oslo. Sixty used the screen to create a stadium theme, with fully animated audience at the seat rows.

Dynamic content

Using the LED wall as a display for maps, live video feed, player stats etc. During or prior to each show the TV producers can place any element anywhere, in any order they like on the backdrop. This soultion was set up by Sixty with Vizrt software.

For more than fifteen years I’ve been working with some of the greatest brands in the TV industry in Norway. My team delivers everything from intros to on-air graphics and studio designs. In Sixty we truly believe in personal service and we want to help you every step of the way.

Please do contact me with any questions, or if you would like to request an offer.   

Aleksander Berg, Producer, Sixty