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Next Generation Cricket Product

Alston Elliot and Sixty combined their unique sports graphics expertise to provide Sixty’s interactive clickable on-air graphics solution Ease Live for cricket. The Ease Live cricket product provides cricket fans with access to multiple layers of stats, replays, highlights and more, in multiple languages, and makes broadcast and OTT sports services even more engaging for the viewer at home.

Alston Elliot

 Alston Elliot is recognised as the world’s leading providers of cricket data and television graphics solutions. It has an ongoing presence at every high-profile cricket event throughout the globe, from the Ashes, to the IPL, to every ICC-sanctioned event.

I’m really excited that we are working with Sixty to bring interactive graphics capabilities to cricket fans. This  enables broadcasters to keep ahead of innovation and let them serve their customers with solutions that provide more flexibility and more freedom to enhance and customise their TV experience

Nick Baily, CEO at Alston Elliot