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Ease Live Engage is our out-of-the-box Quiz and Poll solution that provides you with a 1:1 relationship with your audience. Ease Live Engage enriches live and on-demand news, sports, political and entertainment content, with quizzes and polling on your online broadcast, enabling a two-way communication and interaction with your users through engaging content. 

Key Features

Interactive graphics

Produce and broadcast a poll for your end-users, to push for increased viewer engagement by sending a statement with appropriate responses to choose from.

Social media

Connect with your end-user by adding a Twitter feed to your broadcast, enabling the end-users to follow conversations related to your broadcast without leaving it.

Screen interaction

In addition to on-air interactive graphics on different mobile devices, we also offer screen interaction by a second device response tool on your website.

Logo placement

Images, logos and additional content can be added into the engagement components
to customize quizzing and polling

Ease Live Enage used for CBS ​News ​Digital's  coverage of  the State of the Union address

Add passion and engagement to your content


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