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Ease TV is a user interface framework and an off the shelf design that makes your set-top-box offering stand out. It’s modular and flexible, and it contains all the basic features you need to make your set-top-box TV Experience look great, and feel right.

A turn-key STB UI that enhances your TV offering

Future proof your solution

Launch new STB offerings or extend the life of your legacy platforms with a new UI.

Shorter time to market

Launch a new, great user experience STB offerings in shorter time. 

User friendly navigation

Content centric navigation that focus on the customers wish to watch TV.

Pre integrated modules

Of the shelf modules that enhances your STB offering and enables bespoke customisations.

Ease TV Presentation

Ready-made UI components

Ease TV offers an of the shelf design and modules  that enhances your set-top-box offering and can be adjusted with just a few configurations to suit your brand. Ease TV’s main modules are meant to cover the basic needs of watching TV, Live or on demand.

Press release, September 2017: Sixty integrates Ease TV with Huawei Envision Solution to enhance consumer viewing experiences

The Sixty Ease TV solution is a great fit with our Envision Solution as both Huawei and Sixty believe in providing flexible powerful solutions that combine content-centric navigation with the ability to bridge the gap between linear TV and on-demand. Read the full press release here.

Mr. Martin Chen, The General Manager of Converged Video Platform IS Domain at Huawei.

Built on the powerful Ease Framework

Ease TV is built on Sixty’s Ease Framework,  a high-performance, component-based javascript technology that enables faster UI development.  Ease Framework is a proven product that already serves as the foundation for many of the largest TV  distributors in Europe. Ease framework ports to your middleware API and once ported can be reused by multiple devices and applications, Ease comes pre ported to some of the most popular IPTV APIs and is extremely light weight, meaning you can also run it on legacy STBs down to 1000 dmips and very little memory. Ease Framework has multiple rendering options available, including HTML, SVG, Canvas and WebGL.

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Craig Munro Morton, V.P. Business Dev & Sales


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