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Bergen – the new Silicon Valley of TV broadcasting in Europe?

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Kjetil Horneland 12. Jan 2018

There is no doubt that the TV broadcasting industry has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and as we enter the new year, we can see the marked effect of IP-based video technology. It has helped to usher in a new era in broadcasting that’s seen the power shift from the broadcaster to the consumer, and opened the door for tech companies from all over the world to deliver new innovations in this ever changing industry landscape.  

As a Nordic based company, we’ve seen immense growth from within the Nordic region of Europe. Our recent collaboration with TV2, which saw us work alongside fellow members of Media City Bergen, is an example of just how big the city is becoming as an influencing tech force for media.

Since its inception in 2013, the Media City cluster in Bergen has swelled its numbers to over 100 members, and in doing so, become a leader in augmented reality, graphics, visualisation, digitalisation and broadcast. In short, the city of Bergen is now a rising European star for video tech innovation and its future role will provide a huge talking point at Sports Video Group’s first ever Nordic Summit event, which begins next Monday the 15th of January, - a joint effort between NCE Media and Media City Bergen.

During the event, I’ll be moderating the ‘Graphics – Present and Future’ panel at 14:30 at Media City Bergen, which will focus heavily around sports broadcasting and how broadcasters can elevate the viewing experience in areas including interactive graphics, augmented reality and analysis tools.

A big question that must be asked is where will this all lead? As the CEO of a rapidly expanding, Nordic-born tech company, I for one cannot wait to see how the influence of Bergen will help transform the future of our industry. 

If you are interested in meeting Kjetil Horneland at SVG’s Nordic Summit next week then please contact craig@sixty.no|+44 485 02 569.