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Declining Sports Viewership

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Team Sixty 20. Feb 2017

2016 was meant to mark another golden year of sports broadcasting. The biennial Ryder Cup and the quadrennial Summer Olympic Games and European Championship in France bolstered annual fixtures such as the Super Bowl, the finals of the Champions League and Wimbledon, and the climax of the Six Nations and Formula One championships. There was no shortage of drama – but by the year’s end, there was a shortage of sports viewership.

According to Bloomberg analysis of Nielsen data, viewership of the NFL’s prime-time games in 2016 dropped 14 percent from one year earlier. Formula One Management reported a loss of one third of its worldwide viewing audience between 2008-2015.

Younger audiences are increasingly less receptive too. November 2016 research by Ampere Analysis also revealed that 18-24 year olds across Europe and the US are now 17 percent less likely to identify sport as their favorite form of programming than the general population. Yet while sports viewing is showing clear signs of decline, we believe there are solid grounds for optimism. Sport remains an incredibly popular form of content and continues to drive eyeballs. In a world where movies and long running series are available anytime, anywhere, live content continues to reign as the most important piece in a broadcaster’s arsenal. However, broadcasters must respond to audiences in new ways, on new platforms and on their premises.

As the ever-changing world of TV evolves, the delivery of smarter, rich and compelling services are fundamental to winning the hearts and minds of consumers, particularly at a time where every penny is accounted for. We are developing new, innovative interactive graphics products that will enable rights holders and broadcasters to increase the stickiness of their live sports-based content. Sixty-powered programming is helping to retain viewers and enable broadcasters to take the stats and VoD assets they already have and make them accessible through interactive graphics.  From intricate player stats and match timelines, to heat maps that identify the spread and pattern of the game, there is a huge opportunity to take the in-game experience to the next level.  

And while the threat of piracy continues to loom over the industry, by providing content and stats that cannot not be made available by those illegally re-broadcasting live sports feeds, Sixty is providing services and products that will deliver value to consumers and enhance the overall user experience.