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Sixty Brings Game-changing Solutions to NAB 2016

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TV experience company Sixty is at NAB for the first time, and is showcasing a number of innovative products designed to empower broadcasters, operators and content owners to stand out in the rapidly changing, competitive world of multi-platform TV.

“We are at NAB because we believe this is an important opportunity to make the industry aware of how we believe we can change the game,” said Henriette Sæther, CCO at Sixty. “We are expanding Ease Live to support interactive on-air graphics for set-top boxes, bringing to the TV screen the interactivity consumers enjoy with their mobile devices. We’re also showcasing other solutions that can really change the way consumers watch TV – anywhere – and deliver differentiation that they will value.”

Ease Live
Ease Live is an innovative solution that integrates with broadcast graphics systems and enables interactive, clickable on-air graphics for tablets and other smart devices. It also allows broadcasters to send statistics, highlights and other compelling information from their graphics systems directly to end users. Ease Live enables both money and time to be saved by simplifying and speeding up the creative process, and minimizing resource requirements within the distribution flow.

Ease Live can be used by any broadcast system and online video platform to unify the linear and online TV experience with one brand and design experience, while enabling on-air graphics to come to life in the hands of the audience. It also allows end users to interact with the pool of data and statistics that has previously only been seen and curated by producers in the editing room. Today, Ease Live supports iOS, Android and web, allowing Ease Live to be deployed on the three largest OTT platforms today and maximizing access for the customer base.

Ease Live integration with set-top boxes
Ease Live now runs on set-top boxes, meaning that on-air graphics and statistics can be controlled via a remote. Enabling interaction with graphics on the big screen means that the gap between traditional TV consumption and OTT services is quickly narrowing.

Ease Live integration with Viz Engine
Ease Live can be integrated with Vizrt’s Viz Engine, at the heart of the communication between the graphics control application and Vizrt's render engine. This makes Ease Live compatible with most newsroom and playlist systems for Vizrt graphics, and ensures that integration of Ease Live is even more seamless for an existing broadcast setup.

On-air graphics available on Ross e-commerce platform
Sixty is partnering with Ross Video for e-commerce availability of on-air graphics and virtual studio packages. At NAB 2016, Ross Video will showcase a set of on-air and virtual studio packages, including on-air graphics and virtual studios for news/finance, weather and sport.

Sixty will showcase Ease Live at NAB in our on-floor meeting room N319MR - North Hall. Make an appointment with us to see a live demo.