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Sixty to Launch Ease Live Integration with Ross Video´s XPression and DashBoard

BERGEN, Norway ― 12 January 2015

Sixty announced that its recently-launched interactive graphics solution Ease Live is now fully integrated with Ross Video’s broadcast graphics system XPression and DashBoard.

“The integration of Ease Live with Ross Video’s systems takes existing Ross control room live sports streaming workflows into account,” said Henriette Sæther, CCO at Sixty. “This means that broadcasters do not need any additional staff, hardware or any other resources when implementing the Ease Live plug in. Ross Video customers will be able to renew their content offering with new interactive graphics and design.”

Sixty´s goal for Ease Live is to make it support all major online graphics application and character generation systems enabling broadcasters regardless of technical setup to provide their customers with interactive on-air graphics. "We're proud and delighted to strengthen our cooperation with Ross Video,” Sæther concluded.

Ease Live is an innovative solution that integrates with broadcast graphics systems and enables interactive, clickable on-air graphics for tablets and other smart devices. It also allows broadcasters to send statistics, highlights and other compelling information from their graphics systems directly to the end-users. Ease Live enables both money and time to be saved by simplifying and speeding up the creative process, and minimizing resource requirements within the distribution flow.

Ease Live can be used by any broadcast system and online video platform to unify the linear and online TV experience with one brand and design experience, while enabling on-air graphics to come to life in the hands of the audience. It also allows end users to interact with the pool of data and statistics that has previously only been seen and curated by producers in the editing room.

"By partnering with Sixty,” said Jim Doyle, Director of Creative Services at Ross Video, “we enable broadcasters to keep ahead of innovation and let them serve their customers with solutions that meet the desire for more content, more flexibility and more freedom to enhance and customise their TV experience."

The Ross Video line of real-time motion graphics systems,  clip servers, workflow tools, and purpose-built software applications provides customers with competitive advantage, delivering complete solutions for the most demanding tasks in news, elections, sports, entertainment, branding, touchscreen, social media, virtual sets, or augmented reality.