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Executive Vision

Skjermbilde 2016 11 18 kl. 12.37.56

Kjetil Horneland 18. Nov 2016

The imminent demise of traditional linear TV has been predicted for some time – but it is still very much with us. Yes, its ultimate decline is inevitable – but what if we could find a way of extending it on OTT instead?

As viewers migrate to new platforms, the challenge for the entire TV industry is to monetize sufficiently. Second and multi-screens has for the last years been used as a way of trying to close the gap between what broadcasters have been able to provide, and what the consumer wants and expects. However, the focus should be shifted towards providing the consumer with exactly what they want on a single screen instead.

As the industry moved from linear to OTT it was seen as just another way of getting the content distributed. As an end user I got freedom of choice, but the content itself didn’t really change as it should have. With all the advanced production going on we still ended up with a static viewing experience at the other end, because it was the only way we originally could distribute it.

When I watch TV it is all about my experience. I want to be able choose what I want, when I want. Even more so; I want to be able to interact with all the graphical content as it plays out on my screen because it’s really about what I as a viewer find interesting - not just what the producer decides for me. At Sixty we are merging the well-known broadcast experience with the interactivity of future television. Our latest product Ease Live integrates with existing broadcast graphics systems and enables interactive, clickable on-air graphics on any device. This strengthens the bond between the broadcaster and the viewer, effectively makes TV a two way communication and challenging your perception of broadcast.