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Sixty’s Ease Live Wins Streaming Media Europe Innovation Award

ERCAW press

BERGEN, Norway ―  16 November 2016   

Sixty today announced that Ease Live, its innovative product that enables clickable on-air graphics on any device, has been chosen as the winner in the Best Streaming Innovation category in the Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice Awards.

"We are delighted that Ease Live has received this recognition from Streaming Media Europe" said Henriette Sæther, CCO at Sixty. “Ease Live enables viewers to create a personalised experience that is unique to them, deepening their engagement and increasing their enjoyment – Ease Live is the perfect balance between what the users really want and what the producer can control"

Earlier this year, Ease Live was also recognised by Broadcast Beat, winning the magazine’s award for originality.

When distributing on-air graphics through a graphics control system, Ease Live enables two-way communication. Viewers use an intuitive interface to quickly customise their own live event with endless graphical options, and enjoy multiple layers of graphics including instant game updates, replays, highlights, social media feeds and more. Thanks to Ease Live’s dual feed distribution to smart devices, viewers are always presented with crystal clear on-screen graphics regardless of changes in video signal quality.

 This year marks the 8th annual Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice Award and 381 companies in 18 categories were nominated. Winners will be featured in the Streaming Media Europe winter magazine.