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Ease by Sixty

Making excellent user experiences available to the masses through Ease by Sixty

The television industry is subject to tremendous change. For over a decade we’ve seen operators mobilize to make sure they have the required content and the technical platform to give their audience the television offering they want- everywhere.

At Sixty we work with our customers in this premium market.. We are a TV Experience company that enables customers to make the most out of their technical platform and their content by wrapping TV Everywhere solutions with great design and excellent user experiences.  Our mission is to make TV Look great, and feel right on any screen. We’re situated in Bergen Norway and we’ve delivered television experiences to the European and Nordic region since 2001. Included in the top ten countries in the world on the
Information and Communication Technology Development Index (IDI) are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and on top of the list: Denmark. At the time of writing, 85% of Norwegians own a smartphone. Almost all users are early adopters in this region.

Working is this region enables us to innovate on behalf of our customers, and we’re proud to work with some of the leading players in this field. We are proud to announce that we are currently bringing some of the results of great partnerships and years of innovation to the world through our product line Ease by Sixty.

All products within the EASE product line are developed according to this core vision:

''The products should be easy to implement, enhance our customers TV experience and make them stand out in the rapidly changing world of Television.''

The first product, Ease TV is a turn-key solution for the Set-Top-Box market. An affordable but amazingly speedy and lightweight framework and off the shelf design that enables anyone to start, or enhance their step in to the new world of television.

Ease TV will be launched on August 24th 2015.

“We are a TV Experience company that enables customers to make the most out of their technical solutions”.

Carl Mathisen