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Product Strategy

Good players need someone that thinks outside the box to challenge them so they become great. 

Our team of television experts has worked alongside the disruptiveness of an ever-changing world of television since before the merge of Internet and TV. They have their expertise in linear and online TV technology, UI design, on-air graphics productions and user experience analysis.  They all know television from one or another angle. It´s a team that knows the past, breathe the present and challenges the future of TV.


It’s all about curiosity. We are in nature curious about television and how this industry evolves and we are always eager to learn more.


Together we can excel. We believe in an open and collaborative working culture. Knowledge sharing across teams, customers and vendors makes us become strong together.

Market intelligence

Where do big players move in this industry? Which products are successful and why? Everyday we strive stay on top of it all so we make sure we are in the forefront of innovation.

User habits

We are passionate about people and how they interact with technology. We watch them, talk to them, follow them, let them touch our solutions and we listen to them.

We offer user experience strategy workshops, where we challenge ourselves and our customers to think one step ahead. Together we believe we can create synergies that drive innovation. We can help you with strategy across the screens, future technology choices and how to move your linear TV business to an interactive world.

Kjetil Horneland, Chief Executive Officer, Sixty


Content is king

The competition to serve your audience with the most engaging content is fierce. We let you fight for your content rights, but we can help you make your content offering stand out with excellent brand design, on-air graphic design, virtual reality implementations and make it all come alive in the hands of your audience, wherever they enjoy their TV experience. 

Wrapping is queen

Television design is no longer a question of an “in broadcast only thinking” it’s also about how you make your content available and reachable on any screen, anywhere. We offer strategic advice on all sides of television, from linear, through cable distribution and over the top only. We create TV experiences that make your audience stay put on your service. 

Technology is key

We believe in creating user experiences and designs across screens, in addition; we believe that it’s only within the design and UI layer you can bridge the gap between linear and online television. To be able to do so, our implementations need to be technology agnostic and open. We make our designs work on any technology, and have the expertise to do so. We acknowledge that where we can make your service stand out should be regardless of which engine you choose to fuel your service.

To be in the forefront of this industry, we believe that close cooperation between vendors and customers is the only way forward. We are proud to say that all our customers let us play an important role in creating the road while we're walking on it to stay in the forefront of innovation.

Henriette Sæther, Chief Commercial Officer, Sixty


Why don't you request a workshop with us?

Bring your ideas and your project scope with you for a half a day workshop with us, so that we can understand your needs and aspirations. We would be happy to help you reach your goals.