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TV Apps & STB Development

10 years of experience developing for TV platforms


An important part of the user experience, is how it is implemented. It doesn't matter how good it looks, if it doesn't feel right. Making something fly on a limited set top box requires that you have experience.

App development

Our technical staff works very closely with our designers, ensuring the quality of products made by Sixty, are the very best you can find.

Test and Launch

With so many devices and versions available it is important to have a strict testing routine. During the process we send test applications to a test group and make sure that it is really solid before it is launched.


Once your app is launched, it is important to follow up with upgrades and maintenance. Our Lifecycle services provide you with a simple SLA that ensures the product works as planned.

You want your offering to be launched where your audience is, and you want that great user experience to be developed with precision. Our app development team work across all of today's TV platforms. The value we bring our customers is in our experience and focus on what's important for the end user and technology that makes it all possible.

Kjetil Horneland, Chief Executive Officer, Sixty


Sixty has over 15 years of experience challenging the status quo of television. We drive ourselves daily to think one step ahead, and it’s important to us to share our experience, visions and predictions for the future of television with our customers. Coming from the broadcast industry we understand how TV works and that's why we can challenge the innovations of TV of tomorrow

We can help you with:

  • Cross platform strategy and development
  • Set-Top-Box development and framework
  • Android development
  • IOS  development
  • Web development

It's all about the user experience and how you are able to engage with your viewers. We've helped media companies succeed with their TV offerings across the world for more than a decade now. At the very foundation is our core products that help build great experiences in a smarter way.

Carl Mathisen, Chief Technology Officer, Sixty


Set-Top-Box Framework

We have delivered Set-Top-Boxes for premium customers in Europe for over a decade. All our deliveries are built upon the Ease Framework. A super fast, lightweight, incomparable technological solution that drive the often known conservative capabilities of set-top-boxes to impressive performance. 

Why don't you request a workshop with us?

Bring your ideas and your project scope with you for a half a day workshop with us, so that we can understand your needs and aspirations. We would be happy to help you reach your goals.