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Our services

A strategic partner for media businesses worldwide

Cross platform design

Design is a strategic tool to achieve your goals. We provide design processes for all platforms, from STB to mobile and web. From wireframe to finished result, you'll be guided through a process that is rock solid, and most importantly, it's all about the end user experience.

Product strategy

Our team of television experts has worked alongside the disruptiveness of an ever-changing world of television since before the merge of Internet and TV. We specialize in online TV technology, UI design, on-air graphics productions and user experience analysis. Every great product has a clear strategy defined.

On-Air & Studio Graphics Design

Coming from the broadcast industry, we've built large brands and on-air
graphics for more than a decade. We understand how TV works and what it takes to make it great.

Tv App & STB development

We've helped media companies succeed with their TV offerings across the world for more than a decade. Developing TV apps for multiple platforms we've specialised in creating great user experiences across the screens.

At Sixty we create excellent designs for television, we make it work on any screen. Anywhere. We drive innovation by combining different fields of expertise, all connected through a passion for product development and design. We believe that we can help you change the way your audience watch television. 

Atle Øksendal, Chief Design Officer, Sixty