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The fastest, strongest and most lightweight user interface framework for operators looking to enhance their set-top-box offering. 

Ease TV is a user interface framework and an off the shelf design that makes your set-top-box offering stand out. It’s modular and flexible, and it contains all the basic features you need to make your set-top-box TV Experience look great, and feel right.

Ease Tv Modules

Ease TV offers an of the shelf design and modules  that enhances your set top box offering and can be adjusted with just a few configurations to suit your brand. Ease TV’s main modules are meant to cover the basic needs of Linear TV watching, and it’s user interface is very flexible.


Ease TV has a built in horizontal “From left to right” flow principle that makes the TV experience work seamlessly on any TV Screen.

One of the core principles of the UI is the content hierarchy builds from left to right, anchored by the Main Menu at the far left of the Ease universe. As the user navigates down the hyerarchy, new levels slide in from the right. To go back, the user simply navigates to the left to bring the previous level back into view.


“Our designs are seen by millions every day- and we believe that user experience is where you make that all important difference for the future of television, everything else is commodity”

Henriette S. Sæther, Chief Commercial Officer, Sixty


Ease TV Plus

Ease TV already support a wide variety of modules waiting to be implemented as soon as your infrastructure is ready. Ease TV Plus offers a range of modules that can enrich your services even further with a VOD, SVOD, Cloud PVR, Start-over and Catch-up module. When you are ready, we are. In addition to this, the future of Television is not only brought to the end users through the TV Screen. Sixty has worked for years providing customers with TV everywhere experiences across the screens.