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What is Ease UI Framework best at? 

Ease works with HTML5 and SVG, and performs well even on legacy platforms with as little as 4MB memory available for the JavaScript stack in the browser.  

The Ease UI Framework is a component-based JavaScript framework which enables operators to launch new set-top box UI’s in no time. It enables maximum reusability and can significantly accelerate your application development process.

Compared to other web frameworks, Ease is extremely lightweight. It does not aim to support every version of browsers, but only the most modern browsers used on set-top boxes. This is key to it’s excellence.

The Value

Ease UI Framework is used by Sixty to create Premium set-top-box services for customers including Altibox, RiksTV and more.

Ease is a toolbox for implementing UI screens rapidly without any constraints by existing UI design or technology choices. Since Ease UI Framework makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it’s easy to implement it on top of any hardware and software stack. With Ease any operator can launch a state of the art experience to their Set-Top-Box offering without sacrificing on performance, and to an affordable price.

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Carl Mathisen, Chief Technology Officer, Sixty