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Creating the Future of TV Experiences

At Sixty we empower broadcasters, operators and content owners to stand out in the rapidly changing, competitive world of multi-platform TV with solutions that make TV look good and feel right to demanding global audiences.

Developed by teams of graphic, broadcast design professionals and developers – a talent pool unique to our industry – Sixty wraps content in a compelling look and feel to drive viewers to broadcasters’ programming. Sixty enables easy implementation of interactive TV, and allows users to quickly design and launch television experiences across any platform or device including linear, web, mobile phones, and tablets.

Based in Bergen Norway, in the heart of the where broadcast innovation happens within the Bergen Media Cluster, Sixty is the company that care about design and user experiences for television. We are working close with other companies in the cluster such as Vimond Media Solution, Vizrt, Wolftech, and TV 2 to innovate the future of television.

Team size
38 people
Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger
Coffee cups in 2016
16 000

Management group


Kjetil Horneland

Chief Executive Officer

Running a successful design business is all about the people and the innovation we offer. We' re extremely proud of our dedicated staff who always make sure that we deliver as promised. As the CEO I've been a part of Sixty since the very beginning. The journey has been extremely exciting and Sixty is now growing rapidly.


Henriette S. Sæther

Chief Commercial Officer

Having recently joined Sixty, what I think is the most compelling  is the enthusiasm from the team and the feeling of being part of something big. Millions of people interact with our solutions everyday. We help our customers succeed with their core business, and we've done so for more than a decade.


Carl Mathisen

Chief Technology Officer

Developing great user experiences is a skill that few companies achieve throughout their organisation. Our developers are required to have a keen eye for design and we make sure that our technology has a clear focus - it is really about the TV experience. As the CTO I've been a part of shaping all our technical architecture and business development since the  very beginning.


Atle Øksendal

Chief Design Officer

At the center of every user experience is the core human need to be entertained. Understanding how people are motivated into action or how they interact with a design is a core skill that we're constantly perfecting. As the CDO I focus on innovating the TV industry. I've been a part of the company since the very beginning.

At Sixty we are redefining the TV experience. We think all the graphics you've seen on TV should be interactive and in the hands of the end user.

Kjetil Horneland, Chief Executive Officer, Sixty



Founded by industry professionals coming from companies such as Vizrt and TV2 back in 2002, Sixty is a vital part of the dynamic media tech environment in Bergen, Norway. The company has experienced stable growth since the start, and in the last four years doubled in size and has grown 146% in annual turnover. Sixty currently employs 40 TV design and tech specialists and has a solid AAA financial rating.

gaselle 2015 gaselle 2011

The term Gazelle Company is a Norwegian concept regarding fast growing companies that satisfy a list of quantifiable results and requirements. The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv and Dun & Bradstreet have yearly Gazelle Awards where the best companies of a given year compete based on EBITDA. Sixty is proud to have been given the award in both 2015 and 2011.